How to Remap Caps Lock to Emoji Picker on the Mac

I just stumbled upon this great tip for Mac users looking to change out the function of their Caps Lock key: How to remap the caps lock key to the emoji selector on Mac | Dan Eden I have now remapped my caps lock key, and look

Google Restructures, Is Now Alphabet, Inc. 

Yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere, Google has announced the creation of its new parent company, Alphabet, Inc. Alphabet, Inc. will be more of a holding company, connecting the loosely related product groups floating around Google. Google will now be run by Sundar Pichai, the former SVP of

Apple Watch First Impressions 

    I just got my Watch in, and so far it’s pretty awesome. I’ll update eventually with an actual review, but my initial impressions are below.  The screen is beautiful  The sport band is really comfortable The UI is not very intuitive Fitness features are amazing Sketching

Tapbots Release Tweetbot for Mac 2.0

Today Tapbots have released Tweetbot for Mac 2.0, a huge update to their Mac app. Tweetbot 2.0 has been completely redesigned with Yosemite in mind. Gone are the awkward remnants of pre-iOS 7 textures, and in their stead are the clean translucency of Yosemite. Tweetbot 2.0 has