E3 2012: Sony’s Press Conference

The Sony press conference is going to be going live at 9:00 PM EST and I’ll be here typing as fast as I possibly can to keep you fully updated as the news goes live. If reading liveblogs isn’t your thing, no worries! T3chniq will be providing coverage all day with stories from the conferences and other news coming from E3. So sit back, buckle up, and hold on to something because this is sure to be a bumpy ride full of typos and grammatical errors (I did say typing as fast as I can).

 10:25PM: Tretton comes out and says the best is yet to come.  Shows over folks! See ya tomorrow!

10:24PM: Demos over.  No release date yet??

10:23PM: You’re player wrestles a shotgun from one enemy and gets tackled by another.  “Ellen Page” jumps on him and stabs him andyou procede to shot him in the face.

10:22PM: Your player is holding someone captive while he tells someone else to let him go,  Your player runs out of bullets and the enemy notices the clicks.  “Ellen Page” throws something at him and the player tackles him.

10:20PM: The buildings the are going through are pretty messed up.  They hear voices in once building and silently enter.  The man guy sneaks up one and chokes him out.  Another see the player and the player shots. “Look out, he’s got a fucking gun,” the enemy says.

10:17PM: the Last of Us is now being shown with some gameplay.  This now this is the girl who is not Ellen Page but looks like Ellen Page instead of the girl that looks like Ellen Page who is Ellen Page.  I think I’m purposefully confusing myself.

10:16PM: God of War Ascension is coming March 12, 2013.

10:15PM:Kratos pulls Elephant head down and stabs it in the dead a bunch.  Then giant tentacles come out of the water and Kratos jumps in after.

10:14PM: Elephant head monster is attacking now.  Kratos, you mad bro?

10:12PM: Some green magic is  fixing a the bridge upward.

10:11PM: One of them is bigger then the rest and is putting up a fight.   But Kratos wins.  And murders that guy.

10:08PM: god of War Ascension is being discussed now.  Kratos is shown killing some goat headed guys.  Well they were goat-headed.  Untill he ripped their heads off.

10:07PM: PlayStation Suite is no more.  It is now PlayStation Mobile.

10:05PM: PlayStation Suite is being discussed about phone stuff.  I know it’s not very discriptive. But this is all going over my head.  Oh HTC will be the first non-Sony phone to use PlayStation Suite.

10:03PM: Book of Spells will be the first of many books to be released under the Wonderbook series.

10:01PM:  So they learned a fire making spell.  And what would you do with a fire making spell?  Well they killed bugs.

9:57PM: It looks as though the book reads a story to you and you occasionally watch things happen and wave a wand around.  The book catches on fire and you wave off the flames and then clean off the soot.  It looks neat but so didn’t the uDraw.

9:55PM: Book of Spells will use the Move controller as it is the wand.  Someone is coming out and is about to demo Book of Spells.

9:53PM: They are working with lots of authors amd publishers.  Moonbot is making Diggs Nightcrawler.  J.K. Rowling will be making Book of Spells.  It will be the first title for Wonderbook.

9:52PM: A new product with a book that’s coming to life.  Looks like EyePet with a a book.  It’s called Wonderbook.

9:50PM: Tretton is back talking about PS Move and all the games availble and coming soon.

9:49PM: Open world single player and a map editor for multiplayer.

9:45PM: Far Cry 3 will feature 4-player co-op.  A completely different campaign from the single player it sounds like.

9:44PM: A new PS3 bundle with AC3 is coming.  There’s also some Far Cry 3 news.

9:43PM: This is a long battle.  Connor’s ship looks pretty beat up.  The ship lines up with another and the board it with a axe to the face from Connor.

9:40PM: AC3 will be have ships in it.  We get some gameplay footage in the Carribean in 1778.  Connor is sailing a ship that’s being attack. He’s firing cannon’s at them in a counter attack.

9:36PM: Assassin’s Creed for the Vita is being shown.  Assassin’s Creed Liberation.  It will feature the first female assassin.  There will be cross-play for AC3.  Also, a bundle with a white wi-fi Vita and a 4 gig stick.  Coming October 30th.

9:35PM: Call of Duty was announced last year.  Coming this holiday is Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified.

9:34PM: Hulu Plus and Crackle will be coming to Vita soon.

9:33PM: The PSVita will now get PSone classics including Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy.

9:32PM: Everyone in the audience get a free year to PlayStation Plus.  Good for them.

9:30PM: Tretton is talking up lots of games from Indie devs and now is talking up PlayStation Plus.

9:29PM: Cross-Controller will launch for Little Big Planet 2.  Use your Vita as another controller.

9:26PM:  The demo is over.  Two new characters are going to be announced and Nathan Drake from Uncharted and Mr. Bubbles, the big daddy from BioShock.

9:23PM: Oh two are Vitas not controllers.  He’s explaining how the supers work.  The are playing in a level from Sly Cooper until the Hydra from God of War come and attack.

9:21PM: 6 people come out on stage.  4 of them pick up a controller.  They announced the game will be on the Vita and be cross-play compatible with the PS3.

9:20PM: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.  Whose next?  They are showing who has been announced so far.

9:19PM: Tretton is back on stage talking about only on PS3 will you find the most iconic characters.

9:17PM: Some gameplay is shown of her fighting with what I’m guessing is telekicetic powers.

9:15PM: He sees a scar on the back of her head and the a coffee mug flies to the wall.  “I know, they’re coming,” she says.  A SWAT team comes in looking for the girl.  The officer didn’t expect them but he opens the door for them when the say who they are looking for.

9:13PM: Some real time footage from the game is shown.  An officer is talking to a girl who is not responding to him.  It looks pretty impressive.

9:12PM: Jodie Holmes is the main character and will be played by Ellen Page.  Kind of ironic because of The Last of Us.

9:11PM: Beyond is the new title.  “Death is a big mystery..It’s whats on the other side.”

9:09PM: Tretton is introducing a new IP from Quantum Dreams.  David Cage comes out first to talk about it.

9:07PM: Tretton wants to pay tribute to those who matter:  the gamers.  Kaz Harai is introduced but takes a seat.  Looks like his just here watching tonight.

9:06PM: “Who will win and who will lose E3.”  Jack Tretton has become self-aware.

9:04PM: All these flashing pictures and lights makes me glad I’m not epiliptic. Jack Tretton hits the stage.

9:02PM: We get some kind of sizzle reel with some new and upcoming games.  People playing online and some Playstation Plus footage.  Nothing really new here just a ton of flashes of Vita and PS3 games.

9:ooPM: Dim the lights. Here we go!

8:40PM: I’ll be doing things a little differently this time with this format like the Microsoft’s except the newest post will be at the top.  Hopefully this doesn’t get to confusing for anyone.  Sony conference is on in 20 minutes.