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The t3chniq.com staff:

Brandon Fisher

Brandon Fisher, @b_fishr, Co-Founder/Editor-in-chief

Northeastern University Alum, Mechanical Engineer, blogger, founder: , co-founder: , formerly a writer for Gazelle







Mziol Profile PicMike Ziolek, @mziol, Co-Founder

Northeastern University Alum, Mechanical Engineer @Amazon.com, paintballer, cyclist, product designer






HF Profile PicHeather Fisher, @BosWallflower, Writer

Design engineer, procrastinator, interested in beer, tech, music, and things I find funny.







jg Profile PicJohn Gildea, @lkn4sno, Writer

Electrical Engineer at US Army Natick. Interested in: Country Music, Ford,  Ski-Doo, Beer, Home-Brewing, and lists of interests


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