Amazon’s filling the internet sky with it’s Cloud er, Cloud Drive


Amazon recently released it’s Cloud Drive along with Cloud Player, a place where users can store up to 5GB (for free, 20GB paid) of files and play them back on the cloud player. Along with being able to access files from a browser, an Android app was also released that lets you take control of the same features on your mobile device.

The key feature here is the ability to not only stream songs from the Cloud Player but also be able to download any song you have uploaded or purchased (currently, you can’t upload songs from your mobile device but you can download them to it). Amazon also now allows you to purchase songs and send them directly to the Cloud Drive/Cloud Player at the time of purchase instead of downloading them to your computer. And as a part time offer, Amazon is giving away 20GB of storage for free with the purchase of any digital album (some are as cheap as $2.00 at the time of writing). That’s quite a bit of savings. Read more for a closer look into the Amazon Cloud Drive/Player.


We found the webpage for the Cloud Drive pleasantly clean and free of too many distractions. By default you are given the standard folders, documents, music, photos, etc. You can also organize the view to show only purchases you have made on Amazon or only uploads from your computer.

The playback interface was quite pleasing, again clean and minimal at the bottom of the window, along with a QR code to download the Android App onto your phone (because now that QR codes have become more popular, who could be troubled to look up the market link?). Having the option to download your already purchased or uploaded song was a nice suprise, and definitely something we weren’t used to after all the times we’ve used Pandora or other internet radios.

With 5GB for free and the first year with 20GB just for the purchase of a digital album you might already want to get anyway, we can’t find a reason not to give Amazon’s Cloud Drive/Player a try. Now if only Dropbox could get a built in media player…


Per viewer request, here are some photos of the Android app to give you a better sense of how it looks:

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