Among the Sleep Announced for PC in 2013

Developer Krillbite looks to ratcheting the horror dial up to 11 by introducing its new PC/MAC title, Among the Sleep. The new title will be showcasing a new perspective that has not been done before: the point of view from a 2 year old child. The developer had this to say about the game:

“Among The Sleep invites you into the mind and body of a two year old child. After being put to bed one evening, mysterious things start to happen.

Being played in first person, the game let its players immerse themselves in a child’s limitless imagination. This is a perspective we all have a distant familiarity with, but few can clearly remember what it felt like.”

Check out the gameplay teaser to see why this game is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated releases for 2013. Krillbite, your move!


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