App Attack! Infinity Blade


With the launch of Apple’s new iPad line comes the release of the A5 processor in a tablet. Not only is there more RAM, a better processor, but also improved graphics capabilities. We here at t3chniq are thrilled to have our hands on a few of these new iPads, and we’re all about pushing tech to the limits, so we thought what would be more graphics intensive than the first iPad game running on the Unreal engine? Along comes Infinity Blade.

Sure, computers and now even laptops can run graphics intensive, beautifully rendered games. But portable devices like tablets, especially the iPad and iPhone, are mostly known for games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja HD. That is, until now. The iPad 2’s new chipset allows for 9x the graphics capabilities of it’s predecessor and after playing Infinity Blade, all we can say is that we are thoroughly impressed. But enough talk about the iPad, let’s get to the game itself.

The game offers RPG like play, where the user taps on glowing objects or destinations in view to move around the environment. This is typically quickly followed by a foe appearing that is seeking to do battle. This is where the combat system comes into play.  Initially, we thought it was more of a turn based fighting style, where you attack and the enemy retaliates while you await your turn. We pleasantly found, however, that this is not the case. The fighting is much more dynamic, allowing you and the enemy to be making moves at the same time.

Another worry we had was the attack and defend options. It seemed at first like all you could do was repeat the same attacks (by sliding your finger across the screen) and blocks over and over again in battle. The game quickly reveals that you can do much more in the heat of battle. Options include parrying (which is only successful if the user slides in the appropriate direction), blocking, attacking, combo attacking, and casting spells. All these options allow for dynamic and less repetitive fights. The game Also offers an inventory system with weapons, armor, shields, trinkets, and helmets that you can rank up as you gain XP or you can purchase new ones as you go.

Users can even choose to purchase in game gold with their real cold, hard cash.

There are some weaknesses, such as the plot line where you are basically trying to extract revenge against some warrior that killed your father who conveniently lives in a giant castle guarded by dozens of odd looking characters that wish to do nothing but beat your lower level rank character to a pulp. We will, however, let this go because the game does allow you to choose multiple paths to travel on as you go.

Overall, at the current price of $5.99 in the App Store and over 5800 fairly great reviews, we would say this game is definitely worth checking out, especially to an owner of a brand spankin’ new iPad. Impress your friends today with Infinity Blade’s stunning graphics and addicting gameplay.


+ Amazing graphics on the new iPad and iPhone 4

+ Intense and fun fighting system

+ Multiple routes in game and inventory upgrades allow for extended gameplay

-Plot line and increase in interactive objects could be better