App Attack! StumbleUpon for iOS and Android


Ok so most of you have probably heard of StumbleUpon by now. It’s a website service that allows users to select preferences and stumble upon the deep dark vast pages of the internet completely randomly. Today we take a quick look at the StumbleUpon app for iOS.

You could say the StumbleUpon app is minimalist in it’s approach. With a small bar running across the top of the app, where you have access to refresh, forward, back, home, topic selection, and sharing tools. You also of course have the Stumble! button as well as a button to either “like” or “dislike” a page, making your future stumbles more suited to your personal tastes.

Use the topic selection option to narrow down what you want to see (aside from your general preferences).

StumbleUpon has provided us hours upon hours of random website finding that can be saved to Read It Later or Instapaper for offline viewing. It’s slick interface with the ability to send pages through email, open them in Safari, and share with Twitter or Facebook make it a versatile sharing app.

Send to Twitter, Facebook, email, Safari, Instapaper, Read it Later, and more

StumleUpon leaves very few negatives due to it’s niche job. The only real gripe we could come up with the app is a very specific multi-tasking issue (on the iPad at least, not tested on the iPhone). If you stumble upon a page and then switch to, lets just say for example the home screen, the next time you switch back to StumbleUpon it will automatically load a new random page causing you to lose the page you were on (the back button won’t work in this case). This could easily be fixed by either bookmarking the page or opening it in safari before switching out of the app, so we really only see it as a small nuance. Overall a great fun app that can open you to many new guides, tutorials, and beautiful images from around the web. Oh and did we mention it’s completely free? There’s no reason not to get this app for your iPad, iPhone, or Android device and give it a go!

Price: Free

Apple Appstore Link (iPad): StumbleUpon

Android Market Link: StumbleUpon

+ Slick, quick interface leaves little to be wanted

– Multitasking nuance