Apple Event Oct. 4th

Apple announced it will be holding an event specifically with the iPhone in mind (as if anything else was on people’s minds) October 4th. This should be the day we finally can put the rumors to rest as to whether or not there will be an iPhone 4s, and what it/the iPhone 5 will look like. Who knows, there might even be a completely different device or changes made to other Apple products (even though it’s not on cycle). There have been ridiculous amounts of speculation as to what the iPhone 5 may look like and what it’s hardware may be, at least now we’ll finally all know. Even though after this press event it’s going to just be everyone walking around with frustration in their pants because the release date of course won’t be the same day as the press event! Either way, we’ll be covering the event in one form or another so keep checking back, and as always be sure to follow us on Twitter for easier updates.