Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Officially Announced for October 29th

As a complete surprise to nobody, Ubisoft officially announced Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for release this upcoming holiday. As the title alludes to, you will be playing as a new protagonist who so happens to be an assassin as well as a pirate. The game will be releasing on all home consoles including next generation systems the PS4 and the so far untitled Xbox Next.

More details and first trailer below!

The game takes place in the early 1700’s and you play as Edward Kenway, grandfather to Connor Kenway who was the main character of Assassin’s Creed III. Taking place in the Caribbean Islands, you will be able to set sail and plunder up to 50 different islands and locations such as Cuba, the Bahamas and Jamaica.

As you can see from the trailers, it seems that Edward will be using a lot of pirate tactics like swinging from ropes to board ships, dual wielding cutlasses and having up to 4 equipable flintlock pistols. Another new feature we can see in the CGI trailer is the addition of underwater exploration. How this works is a mystery for now, but it should open up the possibility to find submerged treasure on the seabed floors.


No game play was shown for the title yet, but we most likely won’t have to wait long to see more details on the game. PAX East is right around the corner and I’ll be willing to bet top dollar that Ubisoft will have some kind of presentation ready to go there to show to fans like they did last year with Assassin’s Creed III. I will be on hand at PAX East in a few weeks and will update with any details if there are any there.