AT&T-Mo Officially Dead

The shit-show that could have been an AT&T and T-mobile merger has officially been averted. Today, AT&T has announced that it is no longer pursuing a buyout of T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom. This news isn’t really all that surprising to anyone who has followed this merger, with both the Department of Justice and the FCC both doing their best to hinder this buyout. The AT&T presser came out shortly after the Wall Street Journal announced that  AT&T was unsuccessful in its sale of spectrum and assets to smaller regional carriers, the largest stipulation to allow for the buyout to go through. AT&T has also announced that it will be paying the $4B USD breakup fee that it promised if the merger were to fail. All-in-all, this buyout failing is great news for consumers, the last thing this country needs is a larger, stronger (still shitty) AT&T, and it now looks like that will never happen.

Source: AT&T