Cydia Tweak – Auki Just Got Much Cooler

Auki just got updated to 1.3 on the BigBoss repo. This update brings a whole slew of cool features that make it an ever better value. Read on to find out what new features are included in this update.



Already being a great app for silencing group conversations and adding the option of quick replies, this update includes even more new features:

  • New swipe back to read 3 previous messages
  • New security mode (disable quick reply from lock screen)
  • New APIs for developers to present auki with pre-filled attachment images or recipients
  • Ability to compose new emails and numbers not assigned in contacts
  • Light keyboard with light mode and dark keyboard with dark mode
  • Auto-corrections and shortcuts when sending message
  • More status bar awesomeness
  • Updated Russian and Chinese translations
  • Added Japanese translation

This swipe back feature is definitely one of the best pieces of this update. Normally you would only see the latest text that you are reply to as with the image below. This update allows you to swipe to the side on that message to see the last 3 prior to that, giving some context of what you are talking about in case you’ve forgotten. This makes the whole “quick reply” a lot more useful. You’ll notice three dots next to the incoming message to give you an idea of where you are in the “swipe” sequence.


Of course, if you’re not familiar with Auki then you might want to know about the great things it already does. These include:

  • Quickly compose messages with a drop-down box
  • Quickly reply from the same box
  • Silent mode – swipe left on a conversation to “mute” it. You’ll see the badge count go up but no vibrating or noise.
  • Stealth mode
  • Dark mode (with scheduling)
  • Smart iMessage/SMS detection
  • Mark message as read
  • Force send as SMS
  • Custom Activator
  • Compose FlipSwitch toggle
  • Video, Image/GIF support
  • Landscape mode
  • Group Messages
  • Message carryover
  • Contact pictures in thread
  • Native look/integration (!)
  • Much more


Currently it’s available on the BigBoss repo for $3.99. In my opinion it’s totally worth the price, especially with this added set of features that’s being provided. For more info take a look at TheBigBoss. You can also check out this video summarizing Auki: