Author: Mike

Google adds Custom Themes (Finally)

We all know Gmail has been bringin’ the awesome themes for quite some time now, and recently they upp-ed the ante a little more. You can now add custom images on either a “light” or “dark” theme to show off your beautiful images for everyone around your cube …

Splashtop Remote Desktop Sale

Splashtop remote desktop is on sale now in the AppStore (iOS). The app normally goes for $9.99 but is on sale now for $0.99, definitely worth it in our opinion. You can grab it here.

Upcoming: ōlloclip Hands-On Review!

  Coming up, we’ll have a full hands-on review of the Kickstarter popular ōlloclip iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s clip on lens. Stay tuned for the full review including many, I really mean MANY, sample photos as well as a full review of use and travel with this …