Author: Mike

AT&T Allowing iPhone Unlocks

  That’s right! As a gift for Easter Sunday (April 8th), AT&T is now going to be allowing customers to unlock their iPhones (not really a gift, but maybe?). There are some terms and conditions that apply, but they’re not too bad if you’re an existing customer and …

Instagram for Android OUT NOW!

  That’s right! Instagram for Android is finally out. The long awaited app (for Android users) has been released to the public. No review yet, but we’ll have one coming up. Apparently, a lot of people are complaining because of the large amount of crappy Android cameras out …

We’re back up!

That’s right, back in full force! We apologize for the delay moving our servers but check it out! The loading times on our site should be much improved. Check back soon for brand new posts and reviews that we have lined up just for our blog readers!