Back This: App: The Human Story by Story & Pixel

Normally on Back This we feature some trinket or physical product, but, for the first time, we are featuring a film. App: The Human Story is a documentary featuring interviews with tons of different developers, journalists, and designers.

As the name suggests, App: The Human Story gets into the human side of application development. Most of the time the only real story you get is with the founder, probably some Mark Zuckerberg wannabe pitching his product in what feels more like an advertisement than a true founders story. In this film, you hear about the people who made the product, talking not only about themselves, but their opinion of how the world has changed with the rise of the smartphone and the “app”. Some of the more famous interviewees are John Gruber (, Marco Arment (Instapaper, The Magazine, tumblr), and Jason Snell (Macworld). I am really excited about this project, and I’m in for the $25 Film Plus level.  Back This!