Back This: ORA Smart Glass by Optinvent

In this weeks edition of Back This we have the ORA Smart Glass from Optinvent. The ORA seeks to turn the Smartglass industry on its head by making a super-powerful product for next to nothing compared to Google Glass.

One of the more novel features of the ORA is its view modes, allowing for either fully immersive augmented reality mode, or a glance mode. Glance mode is not unlike the standard Google Glass experience, with the glass sitting just out of view, so that you can easily see the display when you want, but it doesn’t fill your field of view. The immersive mode is really where this product shines, fully augmenting your view with useful information, allowing for the user to receive seemingly endless information right on top of what they would normally see.

The consumer version of the ORA starts at $300, and can be backed with the button below.