Back This: Lima: the brain of your devices

In this installment of Back This we are looking into the Lima storage system. The Lima promises to centralize all of your files, making a personal and private filesystem that you can access from anywhere. The Lima device itself is quite plain, just a simple box that you plug in to both your router and an external hard drive. The real magic of the Lima is in its software.

As you can see in the video above, the Lima is a fascinating system. It manages to provide a dropbox-style system complete with versioning and revision control for (almost) all platforms. There is even a system allowing for data redundancy, allowing you to use 2 Limas to have an always-on backup. This system would be perfect for someone that has multiple computers that you want to keep in sync, or even someone just looking to centralize their files. I personally will be using this to keep my work computer and laptop in sync so I can work from whereever I want.
The Lima costs $79 and you can back it on Kickstarter