Back This: Powerful Charger *UPDATE 11/12/13*

In this installment of Back This we are looking into the Powerful Charger by Full of Fuel Technologies Inc. Yes, this is another battery pack featured on Back This, but this battery pack has a really unique trick up its sleeve: the ability to charge your laptop. Yes, even your MacBook!

The Powerful Charger comes in three configurations, 12000 mAh, 16000 mAh, and 20000 mAh. For some perspective of charge capacity, my 4 year old 13″ Macbook Pro has a battery capacity of 5500 mAh, the iPhone 5s has a capacity of 1560 mAh, and a new 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display has a battery capacity of roughly 8000 mAh, so even the lowest capacity Powerful Charger will be able to fill up your MacBook.
The Powerful charger isn’t just for MacBooks, Full of Fuel has also created a series of tips to allow for charging most other brands of laptops, and they have also included USB ports to charge your phone or other USB compatible devices. Pricing is as follows: $60, $80 and $125 for 12000 mAh, 16000 mAh, and 20000 mAh respectively and backing continues until December 5th with first shipments estimated for February 2014.

UPDATE: Looks like this was, in fact, too good to be true, Kickstarter has pulled the project