t3chniq’s best of CES 2013

So now that CES is over and we can process all of the information we got during CES (and we got TONS of info), it is time for the writers that were at CES — Mike,  John and myself– to pick our favorite item that we saw.  I think that there was tons of great stuff, and even more crappy stuff, so we have filtered out the crap, and narrowed our favorites down to 1 item per writer. Read on to find out who won!


For me, the choice was very easy: The Endliss Case.  The Endliss case is a really cool battery pack/LCD display case for the iPhone 5. Equipped with a rear-facing LCD display, the Endliss case provides seemingly endless (I know, sorry) possibilities for expanding upon the (admittedly terrible) iOS notification system. When paired with the custom Endliss case application for the iPhone, you can enable any kind of image  to appear on the back of the case (given it is composed of a pattern of  LCDs that line up with those on the case). This allows you to draw some great pictures for each notification type, or even use the case as a nice clock while bedside. The guys from Endliss case have put together a nice video that could describe the cases functions far better than I can. Check it out, it’s embedded below.




At CES we saw so many cases. So so many. It’s become more of a task to find one that you see/feel and it just sticks with you. Something you could see yourself actually ENJOYING having on your phone. One that stuck with me throughout the show, however, was the Sector 5 Black Ops iPhone 5 case from Element Case.


It definitely has a military/law enforcement vibe with the 2013 limited edition containing a black non-glare type 3 hard anodized finish and amber end links (very nice in person). On top of that, the power button has a black knurled aluminum finish, and best of all the G10 back plate brought to you by VZ Grips.



That grip pattern you see on the back of the case is the same used on firearms today. Finally, the belt holster provides a nice way to carry it (if that’s your style, not mine though). Like what you see? It’ll set you back a cool 200 USD. This one is definitely for the “high-rollers” and is a little too rich for my blood. If wood, metal, and leather is more your thing you can check out their Ronin case which rings in at a nice $180 on sale. They may be pricey, but damn, Element Case makes some cases that I won’t soon forget.


cobra_iradar_s_series-100020018-mediumDespite all of the iPhone cases and accessories we saw, my choice is the Cobra iRadar S-Series Radar Detector. The S-Series is the first under-the-hood radar detector that utilizes a Bluetooth connection to smartphones. By utilizing a smartphone’s GPS and data connection, the S-Series can link to Cobra’s real-time iRadar database of security cameras and known police hot-spots to give drivers the best situational awareness of any radar detector on the market today. The S-Series is truly a state-of-the-art piece of automotive technology and as a result it received the CES 2013 Design and Engineering Innovation Award. If you are a driver looking for the ultimate in radar/laser/traffic camera detection without having a detector mounted visibly on the dash, then this is one device to seriously consider when it is released this spring.