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Mari0: The most fun you can have this weekend

Not too long ago a new version of Mario appeared called Mari0.  The concept is quite simple.  Mario with portals!  The end result is even more amazing than I ever thought possible.  Intrigued?  Hit the link below to read my review.

Fez Review: You Spin Me Right Round Baby

Xbox Live Arcade games have evolved significantly over the years since its rapid growth in 2005.  Small gems like Geometry Wars existed but for the most part the only offerings we got were games like Joust and Frogger due to the small file size limit of 50 MB. …

Video of the Day: MW3 Kid Argues with Himself

This is incredible. I saw this on Kotaku earlier and needed to post it here for more people to check it out. Poster Darknessgta4 is famous on Youtube for making celebrities “play” Call of Duty. He uses a soundboard to mess with unsuspecting players in the game mostly …