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Back Online At Last

Hey folks, it’s been a while. Our previous host was performing site maintenance without notifying us ahead of time which left us out-of-order for much longer than anyone expected. We had a few issues with them and have now completed migration to a new host (thank goodness!!). We’re …

Automated LEGO Great Ball Machine

Every once-in-a-while you come across something on the internet that just makes your jaw drop. This has to be one of the most interesting automated LEGO arrangements I have ever seen. This one should definitely be cool for the mechanical people.

Google adds Custom Themes (Finally)

We all know Gmail has been bringin’ the awesome themes for quite some time now, and recently they upp-ed the ante a little more. You can now add custom images on either a “light” or “dark” theme to show off your beautiful images for everyone around your cube …

We’re back up!

That’s right, back in full force! We apologize for the delay moving our servers but check it out! The loading times on our site should be much improved. Check back soon for brand new posts and reviews that we have lined up just for our blog readers!

Youtube Holiday Snowflakes!

  Youtube, in the Christmas spirit, has release a little plugin like they sometimes do (i.e. vuvuzelas). This time it’s a little snowflake icon that will appear in the bottom right corner of videos that you can press and then watch the white happy holiday cheer sprinkle all …