CES Day 2: Cases, Cases, and More Cases.

On Day 2, the t3chniq crew spent the majority of our time walking through the iLounge pavilion, we some meetings with some really cool startups, as well as some industry leaders.


Our day started off with uNu and Endliss. These guys are really looking to totally change how you use your device, with an iPhone 5 and 4/4S case that will not only provide some extra juice to the iPhone, but also contains an LED display with configurable notification settings. This case is called the Endliss LED Smart Case for iPhone 5. The Endliss LED Smartcase has a companion app where you can draw and set your own custom images for the rear LED that displays a different image depending on where the notification is from, such as a text message, or a Facebook notification.


Even though product is not available yet, it is already award winning, grabbing a much-coveted 2013 International CES Innovations award. We expect great things from these guys, so look forward to more coverage post-CES.


Next, we stopped over at Cygnett’s booth where they had a whole lineup of cases for us to check out. The first set, which launched at CES this year, was the ICON series, where Cygnett partnered with world-renowned Aborigine artist Ronnie Tjampitjinpa.  I personally love these cases, I was able to test one out and the ICON series are a great thin low-profile case, but what really sets them apart (other than awesome artwork partnerships) is the feel of the products, the ICON series is covered in a soft-touch rubber material, providing great hand-feel, but not detracting from the “pocket-ability” of the case. We will go more into detail with the Cygnett Product line post-CES.

Finally, we went over to Incipio and saw their lineup of new products. Overall, they had some great stuff, including a partnership with Stanley Tools creating a more rugged case, and a very unique range-finding app. The range-finding app looks pretty cool, all you do is place a tag wherever you want a distance to, then snap a photo and the app grabs the tag and approximates the distance from you to the tag.

Stanley Case Incipio

Incipio also launched several new cases, for devices ranging from the Galaxy S 3 to the iPad mini. these cases are all pretty much like what you would expect from Incipio, nicely designed and well manufactured.  The coolest case I saw from them was the ATLAS case, which is a super robust case that seems like Incipio’s answer to LifeProof cases, providing ample protection and waterproofing.

Incipio Atlas

We got a busy day ahead of us for Day 3, so check out our coverage tomorrow!