[CES2014]: Cobra Electronics CES Product Releases

Over the past two days of roaming around the halls of CES we’ve looked at hundreds of different booths. Of our many booth tours, I think Cobra has the best new product lineup of any of the vendors I’ve seen so far at CES. If you have any interest in Driver Enthusiast products, I recommend you check out the following:

Cobra JumPack (CPP7500)


This is by far my favorite product I’ve seen at CES this year. Not only does this battery pack have the capability to charge your smartphone but it also doubles as an emergency jump-starter for your car or truck. Cobra has turned the bulky and heavy jump-starters of the past into a pocket sized unit through the use of a  7500 mAh  Lithium-ion battery. Cobra also claims that this product will hold over 90% of its charge for 1 year so you don’t have to worry about frequently making sure its fully charged. Aside from cars and trucks, this product would be perfect for motorcycles and other power sports that might need a jump-start due to its portable size.

The Cobra JumPack (CPP 7500) will be available in April at a retail price of $129.95.

Cobra SPX 7800BT Radar Detector


This radar detector combines the best of both worlds: A standalone radar detector with impressive detection range with Cobra’s iRadar community. Until this model, Cobra’s iRadar Radar detectors required the use of paired smartphone but this model includes a OLED graphics display so it can be used by itself or with a smartphone if you want to take advantage of the iRadar feature. If you are looking for a flexible radar detector that has smartphone connectivity, I strongly recommend you check out the SPX 7800BT. The SPX 7800BT was named an CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Award Honoree.

The SPX 7800BT is currently available at a retail price of $229.95.

Drive HD Series Dash Cams


Dash cameras are extremely popular overseas and even required in some countries. Now they are making an appearance here in the US and the concept has the potential to provide a substantial amount of data in the event of an accident. The 1080P dash cam is continuously recording when the car is operational and in the event of an accident, a G-force detector will save the clip of video preceding the incident. Along with the video is saved GPS coordinates and speed data that can be viewed in Google Maps alongside the video. Having this crash data after an accident could be useful in making an insurance claim after an accident to prove who was actually at-fault for the accident.

Cobra’s has several Drive HD Series Dash Cams currently available at a retail price ranging from $119.95-249.95