[CES2014]: FLIR Announces the ONE iPhone Thermal Imaging Case

Today at CES we got our first look at FLIRs awesome new thermal imaging iPhone case called the FLIR ONE. FLIR markets the ONE as the world’s first thermal imaging iPhone case, and we were hard-pressed to find an alternative.  The ONE is quite an awesome piece of equipment, in the brief hands on time we got today we really saw it shine.

The ONE is a combination of two separate cameras, a standard VGA video camera, and a brand new infrared sensor custom designed by FLIR just for this application. To power the sensors, FLIR included a 1400mAh battery pack which promises to provide enough charge for 2 hours of continuous shooting. When you aren’t using the camera you can use the battery pack to charge your phone, providing almost 1 full charge.

FLIR Image types

Alongside the actual ONE hardware, FLIR also custom made an iOS app called FLIR ONE MX which grabs all of the data from the ONE and provides several different view types from the sensors. The coolest feature of this app is its use of the VGA data. The app actually stitches together the VGA data and the thermal data to provide very crisp edging to the images, which will provide a much better designed image than what is typically to be expected from a thermal imager.

The FLIR ONE will retail for less than $350 and will go for sale this spring. FLIR is also making and Android compatible version which should be done by the end of the year.

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