Cydia Tweak – BatteryLife

If you’re anything like me, you like to see numbers. Sure, graphical interfaces are nice and I like pie-charts and pretty colors, but I also equally like to see numbers and know what is happening under-the-hood of things. Having just gotten back from CES, I of course just now find a tweak that could have come in handy while walking around with multiple battery packs and cases – BatteryLife.

This tweak from (it’s one of the default repos) repo gives you a nice little icon that you can click on which opens the door to some cool battery information.

Once you’ve installed the tweak and clicked on the icon you’ll get a page that shows you your charging state, capacity, voltage, cycles, temp, charging state, charging current, and finally discharging current. You can click on any of the categories to get a description too. While it does leave room for improvement (I’d rather see it in Settings rather than it’s own icon) it certainly is a nice look into the underbelly your iPhone’s power system. Perhaps in the future we could even get the addition of graphs (assuming it doesn’t cause battery drain).You can check out the tweak at modmyi .


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