Cydia Tweak – Hermes Quick Reply

Is your iPhone jailbroken? Are you looking for a nice way to quick-reply messages as well as apps like Kik or WhatsApp? Do you have $0.99? Then you’re in luck my friend, because the long awaited Hermes is finally here.

Hermes has been in the works for quite some time now and it’s built somewhat of a following. In the past few weeks, the minimalistic quick reply solution for iOS has received support for both WhatsApp and Kik making it one of the best quick reply solutions on the market. It’s simply brilliant in the sense that it offers up one thing: fast, easy replies to your favorite messaging platforms. In the BigBoss description the efficiency of the tweak is described perfectly:

Hermes was built to be as lightweight as possible, meaning it has virtually no impact on battery and is as efficient as possible. Unlike other tweaks, Hermes uses iOS’s existing alert system meaning no resources and no battery life is wasted.

That my friends, is a big deal. With all these tweaks causing battery drain all over, it’s nice to finally see something that’s minimal and efficient like a Honda Fit or tiny Smart Car.

Hermes Notification

On the same page as Hermes, you may have heard of Auki, which I mentioned in a previous post. It offers a similar quick-reply solution but has some key differences. Auki provides a larger suite of enhancements including message muting, an “open” button to open the messages app, and much more. However, be warned that Auki costs a bit more and does not offer quick reply for apps like Kik or WhatsApp. Hermes is also fully open source, which is like designing a great folding bicycle and putting the plans up online for everyone to tweak and recreate. Oh and in case you’re wondering, I’m using both Auki and Hermes together. Auki is providing me with some group message muting while Hermes is running as my primary reply method for Kik and regular ol’ messages. You’ll want to disable quick reply from Auki and make sure you enable Hermes for whatever apps you use it for. Also make sure you have those apps running in the background as the disclaimer says in the Hermes settings. Once that’s done you’ll have a pretty awesome combo of messaging power.

Hermes Quick Reply

Overall Hermes is awesome and you should definitely give it a try. You’ll find it on the BigBoss repo for just under a dollar, which is totally worth it. While you’re at it give Phillip Tennen, the creator, a follow on Twitter or drop by and say thanks. Alternatively, you can also check out his other work here.