Cydia Tweak – LittleBrother: iPhone 6+ Features for Your iPhone 5 or 6

LittleBrother Settings Page
After I saw the iPhone 6+, I was a bit envious of all the subtle interface tweaks it got. Admittedly, I never really use my phone in landscape mode, BUT LOOK AT THE 2 COLUMN EMAIL! So I immediately set out to find any tweak that would do enable this for me. Well, look no further than LittleBrother by Ryan Petrich.
As you can see in the screenshot above, the settings pane is remarkably simple, and frankly, you don’t need any more options that shown.
Inbox Picture
Once enabled, you get a number of features, like the aforementioned two-column views in mail, messages, and the settings page. You can also enable landscape mode for the dock, just like on iPads.

LittleBrother is $1.99 and available in the BigBoss Repo, or at