Cydia Tweak — ShowCase

With iOS 7 came a change to how the shift key looks on the default keyboard. With this change I was left essentially unable to tell what case I am typing. Now I know this probably isn’t a problem for most users, but it really affects me daily. Enter ShowCase.



ShowCase Animation
ShowCase by Lance Fetters (ashicase) seeks to remedy the confusion caused by the shift key behavior in iOS 7 by eschewing the need for the shift indicators altogether. It does this by displaying the characters in whatever case you are currently in, just like on the default Android keyboard. If you’re typing in uppercase, then the default keyboard (all-caps) is shown. If you’re typing in lowercase, then the keyboard displays in lowercase. That’s basically it for this tweak, simple yet useful.
It’s free and is available in the BigBoss Repo (one of the defaults) so search for it in Cydia and you’ll be able to track it down.


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