Dead Runner – Useless App of the Day


Dead Runner. There’s not much to say. It’s free today on the Amazon Appstore. It’s probably better that way.

If I wanted to play a game where all I do is run through creepy woods I would have gone and taken part in the Blair Witch cast and run my heart out. All you do is run. Seriously. You don’t get any prizes, you don’t have any challenges- except- wait for it; trees and gravestones. I can think of one other time when you encounter this: running through a graveyard at night while drunk. Would you want to do this? I dunno, you’re F#$@ing drunk. You tell me. Anyway, if you want this app for free for some stupid reason (I read the graphics were good) then feel free to hit up the link and grab it. Just don’t get mad at us if you find out after 10 seconds that it sucks because well, we told you.