Diablo III in Stores Now, Review Coming Soon!

So after 12 years of waiting, Blizzard fans can finally enter hell again as Diablo III is now available worldwide for PC. Many of you may know already and are fighting, leveling up and looting items when you aren’t hit with the dreaded server crashes that have plagued the launch since Tuesday.

t3chniq will be doing something a little bit different for the review for Diablo III. Will and I have been playing it quite a bit since launch (starting to affect me posting here!) as two differing characters and will both be taking up the role of providing the site review. I have been playing a Wizard class, currently level 16 out of which specializes in mostly ranged combat with tricky and interesting spells that can cater to players that would like to either crowd control, buff party members or be a straight up damage per second character. Will has been playing as a Monk class which specializes in hand to hand combat and being mostly up close and personal with the enemies. We will be bringing both of our different perspectives to the mix on how the game is shaped around our playstyles and if it is a worthy sequel after 12 years.

Stay tuned for the review and I will be providing a review in progress to show you how my Wizard is coming along!

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