Dreams Come True: Nintendo Announces Zelda: A Link To The Past sequel for 3DS

Zelda 3DS Forest

Wow. Although Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto has not been mum on the idea of redoing a new Zelda in the style of the 1992 Super Nintendo classic, A Link to the Past, it is still shocking to see it come to life. During their Nintendo Direct this morning, Nintendo blew the lid of the brand new sequel and that it will in store by Holiday 2013.

Although the video shown was short we did see a couple of new concepts being used for this game. The biggest one that jumps to mind would be the new mechanic of jumping into the walls as a 2D link to traverse literally around the walls to get to spaces you couldn’t get before. A great example of this was a barred window where a normal sized Link could not get through. By going into wall mode, he slipped between the bars to get outside. The game will also use 3D to its advantage by showcasing the depth between different floors.

Zelda 3DS Wall Link

By going into the wall, you can go around corners and explore dungeons in a new way.

The not-yet-subtitled Zelda game will be in stores this Holiday. I will be picking up a copy on Day 1 and be giving my impressions then. Check out the gameplay segment below.

Source:  TheMediaCows and IGN