E3 2012: Microsoft’s Press Conference!

The Microsoft press conference is going to be going live at 12:30PM EST and I’ll be here typing as fast as I possibly can to keep you fully updated as the news goes live.  If reading liveblogs isn’t your thing, no worries! T3chniq will be providing coverage all day with stories from the conferences and other news coming from E3.  So sit back, buckle up, and hold on to something because this is sure to be a bumpy ride full of typos and grammatical errors (I did say typing as fast as I can).

12:20PM: It’s starting in 10 minutes and hopefully we’ll learn a lot.  New games, apps, perhaps some new hardware announcements.  Gotta go grab my refreshments.

12:27PM: Sounds like Halo 4 will kick off the press conference.  If that’s true, it’ll be the first year in about 3 years that Call of Duty doesn’t start it off.

12:31PM: Some live action Halo stuff is being shown. A ship is being attacked and sucked into…. something… And there’s Master Chief!

12:33PM: Actual gameplay footage is being shown.  The HUD has a curved look to it (think Metroid Prime) and you can see the bottom of his helmet.

12:35PM: Some new enemies being shown. They are black and glow orange.  Cortana describes them as “Defence A.I.”  She also says she reconizes the weapons design as “Forerunner.”

12:37PM: Demo over after some Predator view.  Whoa, Cortana looks pissed!

12:39PM: “XBox 360 is number one console worldwide.”

12:40PM: New demo starts up.  A man is carrying in another person in Middle Eastern area. New Splinter Cell?

12:41PM: Yup.  Splinter Cell: Blacklist.  Now some gameplay footage from the developers.  Looks as though the Mark & Execute feature is back from the last game.

12:43PM:  Looks to be some fast-paced stealth action.  It sounded like the developer said “Hey you” and the enemy A.I. reacted.  Kinect?

12:46PM: “The most ambitious Splinter Cell yet… Shipping 2013”

12:47PM: Dude comes out from EA Sports and says this year Madden anf Fifa become better with Kinect.  With Kinect you call plays and change formation in Fifa without ever stopping play or going to a menu.

12:49PM: Joe Montana comes out to talk up Madden.

12:50PM: Montana is using voice to call plays, hike the ball, and call audibles.  He is even calling indiviual names for plays and it’s reacting.  Coming August 28th.

12:52PM: They moved right into Fable: The Journey.  Trailer for the game comes up with obvious live action person throwing magic spells.  Phil Spencer now comes out. Starts talking about… stuff… sorry  girlfriend called.  DOIN IT LIVE!

12:54PM:  Gears of War trailer is starting.  So we get a 2013 time frame for Judgement.  Oh wow, Forza trailer starts.  Looks pretty crazy.  cars swerving through traffic in a race.  The graphics in the games look pretty life like.  Forza Horizon is coming Fall 2013.

12:58PM: Starting in the fall you can Bing what you are looking for by Genre on you XBox 360. Bing Voice search is getting expanded in 12 different countries.  FINALLY!

1:00PM: He’s now announcing new entertainment partners. Nickelodean, Paramount, Machinama, and a spanich service.  NBA is now coming to XBox with over 2.400 live games.  NHL is also coming to XBox with over 40 games a week.

1:02PM:  ESPN will be live on the XBox with ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and ESPNU. 24 hours a day coverage. Wow, Microsoft really wants you to cancel you cable.

1:04PM: XBox Music is coming to 360, Windows 8 PC, Tablets, and phones.  Is this replacing their Zune service?

1:06PM: It looks like Kinect will be using Nike in a workout program.  Nike believes, “If you have a body, you’re an athlete.”  They’ve never met me.

 1:09PM: Nike+ Kinect Training is coming to XBox.   It seems like a training program.  It communicates with your phone to remind you how you are doing.  It also works as a social feature.  Coming holiday 2012.

1:12PM: Marc Whitten comes out to talk phones and tablets.  Says your smart devices aren’t so smart because they don’t work together.  But they are better now with “XBox SmartGlass.”  It can send movies from the tablet to the tv through XBox.  He’s now watching Game of Thrones on XBox while his tablet is giving a map showing where the show is taking place.

1:15PM: No there’s a sizzle reel of how this tech can make your games better.  Or is it t3ch?  Showing Madden and calling plays on a tablet to the TV.  Now Halo 4 is on the XBox.  You can learn things about the world and instantly connect to friends to play multiplayer on XBox.

1:17PM:  Any phone with will work with SmartGlass.  Oh and Internet Explorer is coming to XBox this year.  They are watching a trailer from on IE from Prometheus.  And my browser just broke…. DOIN IT LIVE!

1:20PM:  We’re back! He’s now looking at Cars on Internet Explorer.  Internet Explorer and SmartGlass will launch worldwide this fall.

1:21PM: Crystal Dynamics comes out to talk Tomb Raider.  Lara Croft is sniping people with a bow and arrow.  and they are shooting maching guns at her.  Hm, seems fair.  Oh I guess so, she won.  She just talked to a girl names Sam saying she is going to get her “out of there.”

1:24PM: Oh good she found a…WHAT THE?!  She just stabbed a guy in his throat!  Lara Croft just is now a full fledged bad ass!

1:26PM: She gets into a plane and falls out of the bottom but was lucky enough to grab a parachute that then whisked her away far from where she was to come tumbling down in front of some kind of village in the mountain.  First piece of DLC will come first to XBox 360.

1:28PM:  The next 3 titles are world premiere exclusives.  Ascend: New Gods from the guys that brought you Toy Soldiers.  Looks much more violent then their previous effort.  A guy is fighing monsters while wearing red and black armor with a scythe. Bloody much?

1:30PM: Next game.  a new motobike game from Twisted Pixel.  Shit missed the title….  Next game shows an Orb floating around a Tron like world called Matter, for Kinect.

1:33PM: Gameplay from Resident Evil 6 is up.  Leon is going up against some slow moving classic zombies with his female companion.  some zombies ran up some stairs and Leon through a gernade at them. Boom goes the dynamite.

1:35PM:  He gets out of the building he was in and into a crowded street of zombies and cars.  And now he’s being chased by an explosion (yes I know what I said).  Jumping in helocopter witha stowaway(?) zombie.  Which then crashes. Which then crashes intoa building full of more zombies.  These guys just can’t cut a break.

1:38PM: Alex from the XBox Live team comes out to showoff Wreckateer.  Shooting cannonballs witha slingshot type thingy at a castle using the Kinect.  Think 3D Angry Birds.

1:40PM: South Park is up next and Cartman is taking about hippies and how Jews can’t be the chosen one or something.  Looks like an episode of South Park.  You are the new kid whose there to help.  Seriously though, the gameplay looks like an episode of the show.  South Park: The Stick of Truth.  Matt Stone and Trey Parker  coming out.  They just starting poking fun about SmartGlass and how they are making a game where it can plug into you dishwasher.

1:43PM:  “After 15 years of doing the show, we realized, where is Kyle’s house.”  Sounds like they never made a map until now for this game for the town.  And the internet is going all wacky…

1:44PM: Harmonix is bring back Dance Central 3.  And now we are treated with Usher singing his new song….  Yippie….

1:46PM:  Why can’t my internet go down now…???  Seriously it’s been bugging out this entire time and now Usher is on stage and it’s working fine…

1:47PM: Actually it’s not too bad.  I mean it’s kind of catchy..

1:48PM:  And it’s still happening and I like it.


1:50PM: Sorry, excuse me.  Don Matrick (sp?) is back on stage.  Sounds like a recap.

1:51PM: We are closing with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.  Content is first on XBox 360 again.

1:52PM: They are driving Madam Presidentthrougha wartorn L.A.  Cars, People, and tanks are flying at the vehicle they are in.

1:54PM: You are controlling Mason as he jumps into the back of a turret that’s taking out aircraft.    He gets out and now he has to cover the President while giving cover fire.

1:56PM: Mason is shooting enemies through concrete pillars on a Freeway.  Deadly future guns.  We fastforward a little bit to save time.  It looks as though he is in a high class shopping district.  Fighting in some mall I guess.  I looked like it could have been a nice mall once.

1:58PM:  “Anymore drone strikes will bring the buildings down from around us.”  Foreshadowing?  Oh yeah.  a skyscraper just dropped right in front of Mason.

2:00PM: Mason gets into an Aircraft.  Maybe a kind of VOLTOL.  He;s following the presidents vehicle in a now destroyed L.A.  He’s flying really fast after some drones.  It got really intense at the end there.  Well looks like that’s all done with.  See you next conference!