E3 2012: Nintendo’s Press Conference

The Nintendo press conference is going to be going live at 12:00 PM EST and I’ll be here typing as fast as I possibly can to keep you fully updated as the news goes live. If reading liveblogs isn’t your thing, no worries! T3chniq will be providing coverage all day with stories from the conferences and other news coming from E3. So sit back, buckle up, and hold on to something because this is sure to be a bumpy ride full of typos and grammatical errors (I did say typing as fast as I can).

1:11PM: Shows over folks!

1:10PM: It looks liek they are all down with them showing a last bit of Nintendo Land.

1:08PM: Nintendo Land will launch along with Wii U this holiday.

1:07PM: A video is shown for the game featuring all the different areas.  And I see Samus’ helmut.  And there’s Yoshi’s egg.

1:02PM: They are now showing the Luigi’s Ghost Mansion attraction.  Four players walk around a top-down area.  The 5th player holding the game pad plays as the ghost.  The four playersd watching the screen cannot see the ghost but the ghost can see all of them.  the 4 must flash the ghost with flashlights to win.

1:01PM: Miiverse will be part of Nintendo Land but won’t be talked about here.

1:00PM: It covers Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Zelda.  Looks like a minigame compilation.  I think they are hinting at the Wii U pack-in.

12:59PM: Eguchi comes out to talk Nintendo Land.  It sounds like a Nintendo theme park in a game.  It will bring together 12 different attractions.

12:58PM:  They are now talking about Nintendo Land.  Something about loving it’s franchises.

12:56PM: They are now closing the Ubisoft segment with the same sizzle reel from their press event.

12:55PM:  Oh good you can Zombify the yourself with the Wii U.

12:54PM:   In ZombiU, one bite and your dead.  The game pad shows inventory and a map displaying zombies.  Also lets you zoom with the sniper and shake off zombies.  Hacking doors is another trik it has.  Some of the scenes look pretty terrifying. 

12:52PM: Just Dance 4 is being shown.  4 players can use the Wii remotes to dance and the person using the Wii Pad can control the choreography.

12:49PM: Yves Guillemot comes out to talk Ubisoft software for the Wii U.  Mostly just talking about stuff we heard about from the Ubisoft conference.

12:48PM: there will be a 3DS version as well that will be a unique story.

12:46PM: Lego City will use the game pad as a crime fighting tool.   It’s an openworld police game.

12:44PM: Sizzle reel for third paty 3DS, here I go!  Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Disney Epic Mickey, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Kingdom Hearts 3d: Dream Drop Distance.

12:43PM: Luigi’s Mansion 2 is now being shown.  This time he will be going through multiple mansions.  This ones coming holiday season as well.

12:41PM: Paper Mario is now on screen.  Paper Mario Sticker Star is the title.  Sticker’s can fould all over the world and they become battle commands and ways to find secret areas and items.  coming holiday season.

12:40PM: New Super Mario Bros. 2 is all about the gold.  A new fire flower turns everthing into gold.  It will be available August 19th.

12:39PM: Tomorrow at 6PM will be a webcast that’ll last an hour at e3.nintendo.com

12:38PM: Scott Moffitt comes out to talk 3DS.

12:37PM: Sing is a new game announced.  Wii U gamepad displays music.   A bunch of extremely happy people are singing and dancing.  It looks like karaoke.  Sure, why not?

12:34PM:  The balance board can be used with the game pad. Do the mini games, burn calories, you know the deal.  Oh and a pedometer can upload more progress to the game pad.

2:33PM: Reggie is now talking about 5 years ago when he stepped on a Wii Balance Board.  43 million copies of Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus sold.  Wii Fit U is also announced.  It will leave you sweaty.

12:31PM: Sizzle reel.  Let’s see if I can get all this.  Darksiders II, Mass Effect 3 (!), Tank! Tank! Tank!, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Trine 2: Director’s Cut, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Aliens Colonial Marines

12:29PM: Unlimited Looks like you can actually create objects.  It will have multiplayer and what looks like a story mode.

12:28PM:  Looks a little gimmicky.  Probably nothing to make you play it again.  but now they are calling out 5th Cell for Scribblenauts Unlimited.

12:27PM: It looks like you can use your inventory right from the pad and set off explosives from the game pad.

12:25PM: On the game pad, it seems like you move the batarang with and use the sensor.  Now someone else is out who is going to show the full features.

12:23PM:  Batman Arkham City is shown now.  Harley is talking to Reggie.  Martin Tremblay of WB comes out to talk Wii U.  Batman is called Batman Arkham City Armored Edition.

12:22PM: NSMBU is shown.  Acorn’s give you a flying squirrle suit.  Yoshi is small like in Mario World.  The game pad can be used to place blocks along the way.

12:21PM:  Messages can be seen in real time as you are playing.

12:20PM: Miiverse will come to 3DS and any smartphone.  Miiverse will be integrated in New Super Mario Bros. U.

12:18PM:  The Miiverse is shown as the home screen.  Miis gather around individual tiles that show what is trending to be popular.  You can text things or draw pictures to send to people from the Miiverse.  Lots of information is coming here.

12:16PM: The ae now showing the game pad in a video.  It’s showing off all the buttons, rumble, microphone, camera, speakers, gyrocontrol.  Home button can suspend game to connect to friends.

12:15PM: The Wii U hardware will support 2 seperate game pads.  thank god.

12:14PM:  He says there isn’t a lot of time to talk about everything for the Wii U.  Check out Nintendo All-Access @ E3.  Lots of sites to follow them to get more information.

12:13PM: Reggie say Wii U does 3 things.  I changes gaming, interact with people, and interact with people.  Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video confirmed for Wii U.

12:11PM:  Reggie fils-Aime comes out and say “I feel like a Purple Pikmin.”  I guess it’s because he’s just wearing a purple shirt.

12:10PM: Enhanced gameplay thanks to the new controls.  Miyamoto pulls a pikmin out of his pocket and pretends to throw it.  I’m sure that made some people said.

12:08PM:  It looks like it will be 4-layer co-op and there is no Captain Olimar.  The reason is a secret.

12:07PM: New Controls for the new Pikmin.  the Wii U Pad will display the overall map to deepen the strategy.

12:06PM: Pikmin 3 is confirmed for the Wii U.  And I’m back.

12:04PM: And I’m having technically difficulty…. Well this is a good start…

12:01PM: Miyamoto is shown in his dressing room with Pikmin all over the place. He comes out on stage to talk about Pikmin.

12:00PM: It’s starting any moment.  Wii U talk.  Perhaps a date and price?  Maybe a redesign for the 3DS.  It’s starting now.

11:36PM: The Nintendo press conference will be going live in about 20 minutes and we have some people in attendance this time.  Kraig could possibly do this but I’ll be doing it from my end to avoid all the “OMG’s”, “THIS LOOKS AMAZING”, and “LOLZ!!!!11!!11!.”  And that would just be the opener.

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