E3 2012: Star Wars 1313 Officially Announced

The E3 hype wagon is in full swing and another game has gotten announced. Lucasarts confirmed tonight via Gametrailers the confirmation of the rumored title Star Wars 1313. While many believed the game would star bounty hunter badass, Boba Fett, it looks like the information was only half right. You won’t be playing as Boba Fett, but it definitely looks like you are playing as a bounty hunter badass.

Kotaku shared some more details on the game, stating that it will be exploring the deep seedy underbelly of the planet Coruscant. The timeline is not yet confirmed but gauging from the details of the pictures, its leaning more towards the Old Trilogy instead of the New by showing Tie Fighters and Lambda Class Transport, which many might be familiar with from Return of the Jedi. Yea, real Star Wars nerd details right there.

Apparently the game will be going for a “Mature” rating as well, something no Star Wars game has ever touched on before. It fits well since the underbelly of Coruscant has dealing of assassinations, drug trafficking and prostitution of some kind.

Regardless, the game looks and sounds promising. Let’s hope more details are provided during E3 next week. We will bring you more details as they come.

Source: Kotaku, Greg