evasi0n at 99% to Jailbreak Release for iOS 6.x

The evad3rs team that created evasi0n has progressed to 99% of the way through their beta testing. They are now preparing to release the jailbreak to the public, something that has been VERY anticipated for months now as each iOS release has taken longer and longer to jailbreak. This is very promising news, as this could offer the chance to jailbreak not only the iPhone 5 but also the iPad Mini. As noted, you’ll want to make sure you back up your device to your computer or iCloud and remove any password lockscreen settings you might have as they have been known to cause issues. You can keep checking back at the site here throughout the day, as it looks like it should be ready today or tomorrow. We’ll be updating as things progress! You can also visit the evad3rs twitter feed directly here.