Facebook Changes Default Email


Facebook has done it again… This time changing the default email people see on your profile

Today Facebook decided it would be a brilliant idea to change the default email on everyone’s Timelines to an @facebook.com email address. This email now replaces any other email that used to be displayed on your About Me page and any emails sent to it are sent to your messages inbox. Personally I would rather have my personal email listed as I have more access to that than Facebook itself.

The good news is that the change can be reversed in a few simple steps. On your Timeline, Click about, Scroll down to “Contact Info” and hit edit. Switch all of the crossed out circle symbols to a full circle for each inbox you want visible on your profile. If you don’t want the @facebook.com email to show up on your timeline, switch it from a full circle (“Shown on Timeline”) to crossed out (“Hidden from Timeline”).

Now we just have to wait and see what the the next thing Facebook will change without telling anybody