Fez Review In-Progress: That Damned Clock Tower Puzzle

Hey everyone! Its a slow news day today so I wanted to let you know that my review for Fez will be up very shortly. Whats holding me back? The Clock Tower Puzzle.

Mild Fez Puzzle Spoilers Below.

Much deeper into Fez you come across a particular clock puzzle that holds a very awesome but aggrivating secret. I have gathered all the Golden Cubes up to this point and have 28 Anti-Cubes, leaving me with only 4 left in the whole game. All 4 of these cubes are tied to the clock.

The trick is that the cubes will only show up at specific times in the real world. As 4 is the magic number in Fez, there are 4 times that these cubes will show up, with each perspective correlating to a different color and time. What time do these show up at?

  • Red: This cube will appear every 60 seconds.
  • Blue: This cube will appear every 60 minutes.
  • Green: This dastardly cube appears every 24 hours. 24 hours in real time!
  • Grey: The last devilish cube. This one only appears every 48 hours.

Now, I think it’s both neat that they tie in these puzzles to the real world clock, but as for me right now, I literally have to play the waiting game for 2 more of the cubes. The minute one is easy as you can imagine, and I ALMOST missed the 1 hour one, but as of writing I have approximately 17 hours left for the Green Cube and 36 hours for the Grey one. Everything else has been collected and I have explored every nook and cranny on the world map. Kind of tempted to move the time manually on my 360….

My Fez review will be up by the end of Wednesday, April 25th. Come back and see what I think of the game.

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