Fez Tips and Stategies: Cracking the Tetronimo Language

Hey everyone! I have been seeing that we have been getting a lot of love for Fez lately and I wanted to continue sharing some of my knowledge about how to crack many of the more difficult puzzles in the game, specifically revolving around the tetronimo puzzles. Fair warning, there will be puzzle spoilers below so if you would like to figure this out on your own please stop reading this post. I will give a hint to those who don’t want it fully spoiled, that headline picture is the room that helps you figure out the language.

Alright you must really be stuck, so let’s figure this out. You might have stumbled across many pillars that look like the one to the left of here. These are letting you know there are a series of button presses that need to be pushed to get the cube from that area. Each of the tetromino pieces correlates to a specific button on the controller. When you stand in the room pictured in the headline, the button you press shows up as a shape on the monolith pillar. There are button inputs for up, down, left, right, right trigger, left trigger and jump. Once you know what each button does, its time to decipher the pillar.

The secret to the pillars is actually turning your head 90 degrees to the right and reading the pillar inputs from left to right. The picture to the right perfectly breaks down how to translate these puzzles. Thanks to IGN for putting up a comprehensive pic.

Now some of the puzzles in some areas will not have a pillar to help you with finding the code. There are inputs in these rooms, you have to come back to New Game+ to actually be able to solve these puzzles. When you finish the game and come back for New Game+ you are awarded the power of seeing the game from first person view. This view looks like the one with the pillar above, giving you a new dimension to look in with being able to properly see floors, walls and ceilings. If you take a look at the picture on the left, this is from the dock earlier in the game that has one of these codes hidden on the ground. You solve it the same way, but for any location that you see that is not gold bordered and still has a secret, this may be the key to solving it. Thanks to XBLAfans for the picture.

Understanding this language makes the game much easier to understand and you will be seeing these shapes EVERYWHERE. If you are stuck at a location, try to decipher what they are trying to tell you with the shapes and figure it out. Good luck and happy gaming!