Firestation – Finally a dock for the Kindle Fire!

What is that? What kind of sorcery could this be? Is that a docking station for the Amazon Kindle Fire? And it’s NOT from Amazon themselves? No, it’s much better. Readerdock is coming out with the cradle that will love and nurture your Kindle Fire (and the N-station for Nook!). Aside from holding the device it will also allow charging and have built in speakers. That’s right, it’ll charge your Kindle Fire while you use it to read recipes and then also allow you to play Metallica so you don’t feel like a “girly-man” while you’re cooking up that batch of fresh fudge brownies (Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone). No word on pricing, but during the last week of January Readerdock will be allowing pre-purchases and then shipping out in February 2012. The days of you not being able to make apple pies and do other hands free things (don’t go there) are almost over! We’re looking forward to it as a final solution to this docking dilemma after Amazon didn’t put much effort into it, and this might just be the answer.