First Impressions, Tera Online

Launching at a retail price of $50, Tera Online is a subscription ($15/mo) based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).  This game features pretty much what every other mmorpg has to offer, so what makes Tera different?  Tera offers a unique combat system unlike any other MMO I have ever played before; rather than face-roll your head against the keyboard to use attacks a child could pull off, you must chain skills into very stylish combos using what EnMasse calls its True Combat system.  True Combat is the skillful play of focusing on aiming, positioning, and even timing your attacks and dodges.  There is no dodge/block rating; for an attack to hit your character it must actually “hit”!  Skills are added to the hotbar (typical mmorpg standard) and utilized by hitting the hotkeys or utilizing the games combo system by hitting [space] after certain skills, creating a skill chain system.  What makes this combat system all the more interesting is the fact that mobs (enemies) will actually react to the way your playing and adapt, giving the game almost like a Monster Hunter feel.  As enemies adapt, players will have to utilize their block/dodge skill in order to evade taking damage; utilizing the evasive system is key to being a good player or even not dying for that matter, in Tera.  Being able to dodge roll underneath a fireball or pull up a shield at the last second is an exhilarating experience and Tera makes that experience possible.

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Those that aren’t too keen on the gameplay of mmorpg’s and prefer to engage in a heroic tale/adventure might not be thrilled by the game’s lore/story.  Basically, without overextending into a very stale tale, the game is about an evil force (Argon) invading the world.  While Tera offers amazing voice overs, including the superb voice of Michael Hogan (Saul Tigh, Battlestar Galactica), players might feel the same excitement they feel from just about any other mmorpg’s quest/side quest.  Let’s face it, the issue most mmorpg’s struggle with is creating a grind-free experience for the player.  I’m not going to lie to you, at times you will be grinding but hey that’s mmo’s.  Like every other mmorpg, if you can put up with the grind and make it to that end-game content then you will be more than pleased with the outcome.  Tera’s raid bosses will have you more giddy than a middle-aged soccer mom at a Justin Bieber concert, being either ridiculous in size or spamming over the top attacks every second.  While I know Tera will receive the same hate every mmorpg does from the casual gamers, one thing I will praise Tera above almost all else for doing is the beautiful cut-scenes which include your character as well as voice overs, giving the initiative for a player to build a connection to their character.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the Tera character creation process, with a multitude of faces, hairstyles, and features, all being interchangeable.  Offering a combination of 7 classes and races, classes being your typical melee (lancer, warrior, slayer, berserker), ranged (archer), and caster (sorcerer, mystic, priest), Tera stands above most other MMO’s in terms of character choices.  Like other mmorpg’s, each race offers their own racial passive, which I wont get into detail on this impression but can be found available on Tera’s Official Website.

Here are the races available at launch:


  • Aman
  • Baraka
  • Castanic
  • Elin
  • High Elf
  • Human
  • Popori

Really, I just feel overwhelmed by how much there is to talk about with Tera Online and due to lack of time, due to mitigating circumstances, I would really like to dig my claws deeper into this title before I even attempt at giving it a proper a review.  Tera Online is amazing and based on the time I have already invested into it I can highly suggest any mmorpg gamer to make the effort and give Tera the chance it deserves.  As the game lifts off the ground and balancing comes into play, I will be posting my opinions on major patch notes whether they be heated rants or a flamboyant plea.

For now, marvel and drool at this launch trailer:

Check back for more details and keep an eye out for my official review of Tera Online!