Gmail’s New Look


So Google is rolling out a new look for Gmail. You might notice in the bottom of your inbox is a nice little notice that basically says you can switch now if you “can’t wait” or you can hold off and be forced to move to the new look in the near future. Along with this new look, which includes icons for the delete, archive, spam, etc., comes a set of “HD” themes. Most of these themes you will already know.

The new layout also includes options for what type of monitor you are viewing on. These options include Comfortable, Cozy, and Compact which all dynamically change the sizing/spacing of everything on your browser’s screen. This is definitely a feature we appreciate.

The user interface is a bit friendlier now, although we would like to see the option of changing the read/unread transparency because it can be a little hard to see the difference. What do you think about the new layout? Tell us in the comments below.