Google adds Custom Themes (Finally)

We all know Gmail has been bringin’ the awesome themes for quite some time now, and recently they upp-ed the ante a little more. You can now add custom images on either a “light” or “dark” theme to show off your beautiful images for everyone around your cube to see. There are a good number of stock images to choose from, and then you also have the option of selecting images from either “your photos”, your Android phone photos, or even a url to an image in case you don’t want to download an image locally. Pretty sweet. You can also check out the Youtube video over at the Official Google Blog . Maybe Gmail will move to compete with Bing and their whole image background campaign? Doubt it, but still, it’s good to see yet another custom option in a Google product. After all, isn’t that one of the reasons we love Google?

[imagebrowser id=2]