Grand Theft Auto 5 Coming in October?

Take Two shocked the world this morning by announcing Bioshock Infinite’s delay into 2013, even after having a firm release date in place. Many people have been wondering why a release date of more than 4 months would be needed after the game has been in development since Bioshock shipped back in 2007. Take Two is a publicly traded company, so removing a large AAA release from their holiday schedule has caused investors to get a bit upset and according to Joystiq has dropped their stock price by 5 percent as of today. Many gamers and investors are now expected Grand Theft Auto 5 to fill the release void in October.

It makes perfect sense to release it at that time. Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas were all released in either October or November of their respective years and went on to become one of the largest games for each of those holidays. Not only did San Andreas sell quite a bit for the holiday, it went on to become the best-selling Playstation 2 title of all time. Not much has been seen on GTA V so far besides a single announcement trailer that was released several months ago but E3 is right around the corner and GTA V is next up on the hype wagon after Max Payne 3 is set to ship in under a week.

We’ll keep you posted on details regarding Grand Theft Auto 5 in the near future. I’m willing to bet bottom dollar the game will release this holiday season!

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