Here’s Your First Look at the PlayStation 4 Controller

ps4 controller

Sony has a very large announcement concerning the “Future of the PlayStation brand” next Wednesday at 6 PM EST that is strongly rumored to be the place where they will be formally announcing the PlayStation 4, however we may have gotten a big detail leaked ahead of time. Above is a confirmed prototype of the PS4 controller that we will be using most likely this Fall.

So there is quite some interesting stuff going on with this controller here. First things your eyes will catch is the new rumored touch interface smack dab in the middle of the remote and the glowing blue top as well. The touch pad is rumored to be much like the back of the Vita in that it is a multitouch capacitive technology and potentially will replace the Start and Select buttons we have used for the past 19 years. The blue top looks to be the same kind of technology that was introduced in the PlayStation Move controller and if you look closely it looks like there are black cameras jutting out of the PS4 dev kit. This means the controller will have some kind of motion control in it that will be much better than the SixAxis kind that the PS3 utilized and also means the controller itself can be used as an augmented reality device too.

Could we see this tech return with the PS4 controller?

Could we see this tech return with the PS4 controller?

What also jumped out at me is that the thumb sticks now support a concave design much like the Xbox 360’s and they look further apart than the DualShock 3 has. This will be much more comfortable as one of my biggest complaints is that the thumb sticks on the DualShock 3 are positioned way too closely together. In the middle we can also see what looks like a speaker or possibly a built-in mic which will further enhance the sound qualities for the new system. The Wii U has fantastic speakers on its gamepad that simulates a pseudo surround sound effect, so that would be cool if the new PlayStation has something similar as well. Speaking of mics, it looks like the bottom of the controller also is supporting what looks like a headset jack, so it’s looking like you might be able to plug-in a headset directly into the controller much like the Xbox 360 which will be a very smart feature as that has worked very well with the Xbox. The dpad looks to have been borrowed from the Vita as well, which I say is quite fantastic as the Vita dpad is probably the best one Sony has ever used with their consoles. Very clicky and accurate so its nice to see the PS4 keeping this design.

One of the rumored features the new system will have is what they are calling a “Share” button. What this is supposed to do is upload any pictures or videos of the games you were playing directly to social media sites or something Sony will be debuting. The system is said always be recording the past 15 minutes of gameplay and this button will make it very easy to record, edit and share what you are doing at any time. Now if you look closely, right above the dpad and to the right, there seems to be another button sitting there. I think this may be the rumored share button right there, or it possibly might be the Select button as we know it, just moved slightly out-of-the-way. If you look closely to the face buttons, there seems to be another button there that may be the Start button, but it’s too hard to tell right now.

Finally, it seems the triggers are said to be much more springy according to some anonymous developers. This will make them much more like the Xbox 360’s, which is a good move since the triggers on the DualShock 3 are just downright awful. I will be much more happy if the triggers depress into the top of the controller, rather than downward into the controller.


PS3 controller

Comparisons between old and new. Top PS4 Controller, bottom DualShock 3.

A lot of information to take in, but we only just scratched the surface of what the new looming console will offer in terms of its features. It’s pretty safe to say that this controller is just a prototype and does not offer any of the final logos or symbols and final version would carry, so some of the controller might change in design aesthetically when we finally see it. February 20th is the big day of the press conference and t3chniq will be covering the event all night with any new game announcements, console specs and details. Its gonna be a fun time, and time to get excited as a PlayStation fan. See you in 4 days!

Source: Destructoid for pics.