HP Touchpad Android Sample Working As .ipk Guide/Download

As many of you have probably been reading, Chomper_T has been able to get and Alpha Android copy working on the Touchpad inside a card. We’re not going to re-post what he wrote because we don’t want to steal content, so we’re going to provide a link to here:  http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1288155

Here’s the original (in Chinese so you might want to translate): http://www.treo8.com/bbs/thread-264215-1-1.html

Be warned that this is not a fully functioning Android version. Certain applications like Camera will crash the program, and the only way to exit this “demo” is to hard restart your Touchpad. It should also be noted that it’s in Chinese by default (t3chniq will have a youtube video up later to show you exactly how to switch over to English, for now just read below). We’re going to go ahead and mirror the file here for easier access from people hunting down this cool early demonstration of what’s to come on the HP Touchpad!

ipk file

(you might have to right click+save as)


Your best bet is grabbing Internalz Pro from Preware. If you don’t understand that you can find out more info on how to install Preware here (we definitely recommend it even if you don’t want to test out Android on your Touchpad).

Word of note/helpful hints:

FORCE RESTART: To force restart the HP Touchpad use the following combination (especially if you try to load the camera app in this Android build):

Power Button

Volume UP

Middle Button

Hold these for about 10 seconds and your Touchpad should force itself to restart.


CHANGE LANGUAGE (in Android): When you first load up the Android ipk, you’ll notice it’s all in Chinese, don’t panic though, we’ve got you covered. Go ahead and hit the drawer icon for (the grids icon in the middle right part of the screen). Next, click on the settings icon (it’ll look kind of like this:

Source: http://anything-android.blogspot.com

Then go ahead and scroll down/select “Languages and Keyboard” which is the little “A” icon (see below):











Then go ahead and select the first box which will bring you to the language selection page. Enjoy!