Inbox Nirvana Series: Wrangle those subscription emails and newsletters with

Getting too many daily newsletters? Everyone complains about their inbox size and the holy “0 inbox” that no one seems to be able to achieve. hopes to give you a hand by automating a lot of the daily work or completely eliminating your cluttered newsletters and subscription emails you don’t want or don’t even realize you have. Read on to find out how as we dive in deep with


Scans your email inbox for subscriptions with one easy click

The concept behind is a simple one. Give it access to your email inbox and it will give you access to peace of mind again. No more wading through all the newsletters and junkmail that manages to get to your inbox, and finally seeing those important emails with ease rather than digging. You’ll have to give it access to your email (currently it supports, Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo!Mail, AOL Mail, and iCloud), where it will want some permissions (it needs to be able to scan through the emails that are incoming in order to do anything with them). So, if you don’t like the idea of software scanning your email (you should probably get off of Gmail and all of the other spam folder touting providers in that case) then you might want to reconsider. If that doesn’t bother you though, and you want to reach your inbox nirvana, read on.

Unsubscribe Limit

Before we go on, one major thing to note in case anyone flares up into a ball of rage at this; there’s an unsubscribe limit. Luckily, it’s not a paid/free situation, instead once you’ve unsubscribed from 5 lists, you’re forced to share. Yep. You’ll have to either select people from your inbox to send to, or you’ll have to share via Twitter or Facebook. Good news is, after sharing about the service, the limit seems to be completely lifted. It’s not a horrible concept, and they are asking you to spread the word in exchange for their services. However, as this might be a deal-breaker for some people I thought it’d be good to mention it to you.

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Minimalist Design

Once you’ve given acces to your inbox, it’ll start working right away. It scans through all of your emails and gathers up all the subscriptions you have. Then you’ll be brought to a simple screen that shows you all of your subscriptions in alphabetical order, along with two options for each: Add to rollup and Unsubscribe. At the top you’ll see the same thing in categories: Rollup, Unsubscribed, and Inbox. From here, you can sort your inbox by either adding to that rollup, or doing exactly what the other button says and unsubscribing. Now, you might be wondering what the heck this sushi-sounding rollup is. Well, to put it simply, it’s one newsletter to rule them all!


“Imagine a world where you get deals when you want them and read newsletters when you feel like it.”

Rollup is a simple concept, much like the rest of It promises to take all of your newsletters and subscriptions and put them into one easy to digest email. Let’s say you have emails that come in on the regular that you want to keep getting, but there are just too many of them and you don’t want that huge mess cluttering. Rollup takes all of the designated newsletters and “rolls” them up into one daily email. There’s a little video of a poor guy getting roped into countless newsletters on their site, here.


In reality, the Rollup actually has a very nice interface. You can access it from  your daily email, or go directly to the site to see it. There, you’ll find categories that you can choose from, date ranges, and grid or list style views. really does a great job organizing everything and presenting it in an aesthetically pleasing way. Under each thumbnail, you can tell to Unsubscribe, Stop Rolling Up (or add to rollup), and select a different category if you don’t agree with the one it’s in. There’s even an Auto-Add feature that can detect new subscriptions and automatically add them to your rollup after a week (it’s off by default).

Keep on emailin’ on

Hopefully this weekend you can tackle your inbox and get a grip on some of those subscription emails coming in with the help of I’m going to be covering some more inbox tips and tricks in the coming weeks, sprinkling in little tidbits here and there and maybe even helping some of you manage those inbox-jungles.