Introducing t3chniq’s Newest Section: Gaming

Hello everyone! We at T3chniq are proud to introduce a new pillar to the site that has been in discussion for a while and we are finally ready to pull back the curtain to show you what we have been working on. My name is Kraig and I am one of the new guys who will be contributing to the Gaming section on with a focus on anything and everything about the games industry.

Now you might be asking, “What’s happening to the other guys? Are they leaving?”. Quite the contrary. We are looking to grow this site and have more contributors, so not only will Brandon, Mike and Justin be helping out on the tech and phone side, but they will also be helping out with the gaming side as well. There will be a lot of crossover between everyone and we are very excited to be posting information and stories soon.

So what can you expect from us? We would like to be covering as much as we can with news articles, previews and reviews. We would like to be seen as an up to date website that you can go to for any and all your gaming needs, and share few laughs along the way. Another avenue we are working on right now, but has no ETA yet, is getting our podcast off the ground. Stay tuned for more information on that shortly.

Reviews will be written on a 20 point scale, which means games can get from the completely broken 0.5 to the masterpiece 10.0. Everyone on the team will be working on reviews depending on what makes sense for that reviewer.

Previews will be written based on a number of different avenues. Some of the T3chniq staff will be visiting events around the country to write up stories such as PAX East, Comic-Con and even E3. Beta access for particular games will be written about as long as there is not a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) on title at the time. We will also be writing our impressions on demos and trials of games out there.

So who the hell are we and why should you care? Great question. Read more about us below:

Kraig (that’s me!): I will be running more of the day-to-day operations. I will be posting news stories, previews and reviews as well as editorials on any topics that come to mind. I really love all types of games but if I had to classify myself under one banner, it would have to be Nintendo. I play anything and everything that I can get my hands on, whether its Starcraft II, Final Fantasy XIII or even obscure games like Noby Noby Boy, you can expect me write about them!

Bobby will be running news articles as well, previews and reviews on lesser basis. Like myself, Bobby will play anything and everything under the sun if it means he can boost his GamerScore that much higher. Currently sitting at 204030 GS, that’s no joke, and with it he brings a lot wisdom and knowledge about games people may not even think of playing. Bobby will be running run tips and strategies around achievements and will be a fantastic part of the team to talk about any and all kinds of gaming.

Will is our third guy on our team right now. Whereas Bobby and I are mostly console gamers, Will feels right at home on the PC and will be covering stories, previews and reviews on that front. As a big fan of the Fighting Game Community (FGC) and an avid player of any MMO under the sun, Will will be keeping everyone up to date with patch notes, new releases and information. Will also plays quite a bit of console games too so he will be a fantastic person all around to have on the team.

Justin will be crossing over from the tech side and help lead this new pillar to bigger and better things out there. Justin loves Xbox quite a bit as well and is quite fond of shooters in general. Halo is his forte, so he will be fantastic person to have around to talk lore, gameplay differences and additions with a small title called Halo 4, which will be hitting our stores by the end of the year. Tech and Gaming are part of the same street so Justin will help write stories based on fascinating new pieces of hardware and information about them.

This has been an idea Bobby, Will and I have had for quite a while and it makes me proud to announce that we are finally getting our chance to shine with, so mad props to them for giving us a shot. I am looking forward to this exciting adventure ahead of us and feel free to email me at for any questions, suggestions or concerns.

Long live gaming!