iOS Game of the Day: SpellTower

Zach Gage wants to beat Zynga and Rovio. No more Angry Birds, enough with Draw Something and down with Words With Friends. Zach has created a fantastic word puzzle game for the iOS that deserves your attention.

On sale for .99 cents today, SpellTower combines two very different style puzzle games into one cohesive package. Taking a little of Boggle and some Tetris, you as the player have to form words to break away the pieces out of the container. There are multiple ways to form the words too. The standard way of drawing them in a line works fine, but you are also allowed to make diagonals with the letters to make more words and even criss-cross them to make more out of your chain. When you chain up to 5 letters, you delete that row and get bonus points for it as well.

SpellTower has several different modes such as the standard Tower mode which lets you try to score as many points with only 150 letters. Puzzle mode is much harder in that every time that you create a word, a new row is made at the bottom. When the first stack touches the top of the container, its game over. Rush Mode has you dealing with the ever-present danger of new rows being added as time goes on. Removing the words quickly is the name of the game to keep going and getting a better score.

Thankfully SpellTower uses GameCenter for leader board support so you can constantly try to outdo your friends scores as they pop up. This is crucial for a game such as this since competing with friends scores is going to be a contributing factor to keep playing the game. Overall, SpellTower is worth your money and a fantastic game to add to your iOS library.