iOttie Macaron iPhone 5 Case Review

In case you haven’t heard of them, iOttie makes some pretty damn good vehicle mounts for phones and other electronic devices. Brandon and I both use their mounts in our cars because of the excellent, quick locking and releasing design and reliable build quality. Naturally, when at CES 2013, a visit to their booth was in order. While there, I got the chance to speak with one of their lovely reps, and was put on the list to receive one of their unique Macaron cases.


Design/Build Quality

The Macaron case definitely takes a unique approach to the standard iPhone case. Instead of a standard “squarish” approach, they employ what they call a “Unique S-shaped design [that] provides maximum comfort and a no-slip grip”. If you do happen to drop your iPhone, the Thermoplastic Polyurethane or TPU material should protect your phone. That being said, I will agree with their claim of high build quality. The Macaron is clearly build with higher quality demands than many iPhone cases on the market. When looking at the case, the golden RFID-looking tag can be seen set in plastic on the inside, giving a visual introduction to the quality. On the back of the case you will find a glossy, almost piano-black like hard plastic finish. This does mean that the case can slide around a bit, but the rubber bumper design around the edge of the phone protects it from “throw slip” onto a table or other hard surface.



Getting the iPhone 5 into this case is a breeze. Some cases, especially ones that tote themselves as the “protective” type, can be difficult to put onto the iPhone. That is just not the case here (OK, last pun, bonus if you spotted the first one). The case can be put on easily, and offers access to all of the important ports and standard cutouts one would expect. One of the places where this case can stumble is not an uncommon place for iPhone case blunder: the silence switch. On the Macaron, the lovely rubber bumper buries it a little too deep for our liking. Granted, this isn’t a frequently used switch for us, it would still be nice to be able to flip it without hoping that a fingernail will be long enough. The lock button could also use a little less resistance. Removing some of the material at the switch “joint” could resolve this issue, as the amount that is there now can cause a sponge-like actuation. Those things aside, it performs very well in the pocket test and the rubber bumper give us an excellent grip in all weather conditions.



If you don’t already know, take our word for it: The market is FLOODED with iPhone cases. We’ve gotten so many cases that we don’t know what to do with all of them. Something good that’s come from this flood of cases, however, is that this gives us an opportunity to seek out the more unique, specialist, and design-pushing cases. The Macaron pushes the design one notch past the standard case, forming a S-shaped design when many case makers avoid adding bulk. Yes, it adds a little bulk. No, it does not use that space for-granted. With the slight addition you receive impact and bump protection while maintaining a very nice gloss-black finish on the rear of the case. Couple the design and aesthetics with the stellar build quality, it’s $29.95 MSRP makes perfect sense. You can grab one of these over at the iOttie store here or on Amazon for $16.



Durable construction

High build quality

Good everyday protection while also offering a glossy outside

S-shaped design fits well in hand



Mute switch may be difficult to access

May be considered bulky by some

Gloss on back can get scratched up over time



t3chniq’s final verdict:

Buy if you’re looking for a case that offers a solution that’s pocketable and good for everyday protection from bumps and table scratches.