iPad 2: Rumor Roundup

Apple has a press event tomorrow in San Francisco, and rumor has it a new iPad will be released. According to various sites, the new iPad will several new features. First of all it will be thinner and lighter, sporting a slightly squarer side profile. The new iPad is also supposed to receive a front-facing camera at VGA resolution, and possibly a rear camera similar to the one on the iPhone 4. Finally, the iPad 2 will get a new chipset, an Apple A5 dual core chip, as well as double the RAM as the current generation. Another rumored change is to Apple’s MobileMe service, Apple has removed all boxed copies from their stores, both online and retail. This change will focus on a new free service that will combine cloud storage as well as a new social element that will hopefully not be as limited as ping. There is also some speculation that Apple will preview iOS 5 and will seed a beta to it’s developers. As always, this is just speculation, but check back tomorrow to see how we did.