Iphone 5 reaches record sales in 24 hours, some customers worried about ship dates

EDITORS NOTE:  Yes we haven’t been covering the iPhone 5 much on our blog. Yes we know, piss-poor blogging. Yes we also know, we’ve been what appears as “lazy”. BUT JOKES ON YOU! – well, kind of. I myself am currently working with co-founder bfisher on a new site re-design as well as a few other things we want to unveil in the upcoming months. Anyway, back to blogging.

As many expected, the iPhone 5 is selling like an anti-zombie vaccine during the “possible” zombie apocalypse (allegedly). Apple announced this week that it has sold “5 Million units in 24 hours”. Even their jaws dropped as massive amounts of blood flowed to their wallets upon receiving the news. One website, Loopinsight, quotes Apple’s own Philip Schiller as stating “iPhone 5 pre-orders have shattered the previous record held by iPhone 4S and the customer response to iPhone 5 has been phenomenal”. I mean, he kind of has to amp it up anyway; he’s Apple’s vice president of World Marketing, and he’s probably on the clock when talking to the press (but that’s besides the point). While sales of the iPhone continue to skyrocket, all I can say for certain in response to Phil’s statement is that the only thing that won’t be shattering is the metal backing on the new 5’s chassis (insert crappy joke drum sound here). Amid all the pre-order sellout stories, At&t has been reportedly slipping with shipping dates, or at least causing confusion about them  already. Verizon also has reported some delays for more recent orders. Luckily, Sprint still has plenty of the devices for timely delivery if you’re into that.

Of course, you can still go and stand mindlessly in long lines waiting for the Apple stores to open while normal people sleep soundly or go to work to earn a living. That being said, why wouldn’t the t3chniq team will be out on the front lines come this Friday, waiting patiently (alright maybe not patiently) for employees to open the doors so we can hand over all of our money? Check back Friday or Saturday for an in-depth review and side-by-side with the iPhone 4s!